Swedish CE Brings Trainings Off-Site and In-Spa

For the past several months, Swedish CE has been working on partnerships with different spa groups to develop on-site education and training that is catered to the specific needs of the massage therapists on their staff, to ultimately better serve their clientele.  And last week we executed two of these special programs with two very different spas: the first was at a very well-known resort and spa out in Montauk, and the other at a different type of well-known spa in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

Gurney’s Resort & Seawater Spa on the east end of Long Island and Bliss 49 on the east side of midtown each have a very different type of atmosphere and clientele.  Think: beach resort guest vs. midtown exec with exactly 49 minutes to grab a quick massage during lunch (literally: the first listing on the Bliss 49 menu is “a 49 minute massage is for those that need to be in, ‘ahh’ and out within an hour”).  So the planning of each training, and even the layout and execution, were vastly different.  But the ultimate outcome was one and the same, which is exactly what had been my hope and objective when we first began the conceptualization and planning.

In the words of two participants, one from each event:

“The In- Spa classroom experience was exactly what we needed to bring our that much closer together as a team.  Really looking forward to the next training in April!”

“This experience went far beyond my expectation.  Can’t thank you enough for bringing this training out east to those of us who can’t easily get to Swedish itself for our continuing education needs.  You guys rock!!!!”